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"The Heff's Burger was off the chart good! I haven't tasted a burger that amazing in a long time!"

— Dorothy


Heff's Burgers is about more than good food....

In 2009 The Heffernan's started cooking burgers and selling them out of a convenience store in Potosi, Texas. None of them ever would have imagined it would grow and shape into what it has become today.  Brenda and Jason took this leap of faith not only out of desire but also for something far more deep. In 2004 Jason Heffernan was hit by a drunk driver and miraculously survived after many surgeries and many people not believing he would make it. Jason persevered and managed to keep fighting for his life, although now paralyzed. After years of learning to live with the disability Brenda could sense something missing in her sons life. Heff's Burgers was started to give Jason something to do and it was also something the entire Heffernan family has enjoyed for a long time, cooking.